martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

Lulworth Cove is a horseshoe shaped harbour within the grounds of the Lulworth Estate. The area supports a remarkable array of diverse natural life, particularly butterflies.
At the western point of Lulworth Cove is Stair Hole, a series of arches formed by the action of the sea on the soft Portland and Purbeck limestone.
Visitors can enjoy excellent walks along the cliff tops and at low tide the beach and tidal pools can be explored. Just to the west of Lulworth Cove is the natural arch os Durdle Door.

Durdle Door is one of the most photographed landmarks along the Jurassic Coast. This rock arch in the sea was formed as a result of the softer rocks being eroded away behind the hard limestones, allowing the sea to punch through them. The name Durdle is derived from an Old English word 'thirl' meaning bore. Eventually the arch will collapse to leave a sea stack such as those that can be seen at Ladram Bay in East Devon.

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